Freedom and Vulnerability …what’s so fearsome about that ?

A true Paradigm Shift!

Recently my 6th grader told us they had to write an essay; the topic was “Are ZOO’s good?” Immediately my daughter said, “They are good for people and bad for animals!” Like Duhh..  To which Yaani replied, “They are good for animals too as they are given food, have a safe place to live and are protected if endangered!”

She raised her 2 hands in the air and blurted “But they are in the cage!” How can that be good?”

This got me thinking about how ‘innate’ Freedom is to each and every living being! And when anyone takes this away, it is against their true nature!



So in which other areas do we seek freedom?

Another biggie I experience often is seeking Freedom from Insecurity about the future. The need to be worry-free about health, kids, career and finances.

Financial Freedom which to me means having enough to last your lifetime and have some left.

Digging further I realized oftentimes, I felt the need for being Free from Desire. Easier said than done especially when I’m in Macy’s on a Wednesday woman’s sale or an exotic vacation brochure.

In the morning meditations I wish it was easy to be Free of Thought! Omg talk about that. This brain is going nonstop 24/7. When the mind gets rest, clarity occurs.


So then I wondered what is it to be truly free?

On introspecting deeper and deeper the only answer that came was by me “trusting the universe” We all have had glimpses of this…usually when we have no choice but to trust that everything will be alright…and it is! And then you realize there was no point in being fearful.

Putting it in a different way; You are truly Free when you embrace Vulnerability.

And how does one develop this almost unnatural quality of vulnerability?

By realizing our true self…by going inward.

Do you see the paradigm shift here? From Security to Vulnerability; leading to Freedom

What do you think of it? Scroll down and write in the comments below.

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all KiteOn friends! And a big Thank you to all dads and kids for making this happen for us! No really I mean it!

For all moms who encounter phone problems because the settings somehow change magically and  it stops ringing or goes straight to voicemail or you cannot go online while you are talking on the phone!  Here are 3 settings that can keep you away from Iphone- rage!

1.Keep Wi-Fi-assist OFF all the time- to save battery.

Settings – cellular – scroll to bottom -Wi-Fi assist – should be off


2. Enable Voice AND Data so calls don’t directly go on voicemail when you are online.

Settings – cellular – cellular data options –  Enable Voice AND Data


3. Soft reset – do this whenever you remember so your phone runs smoothly and does not freeze.

Press both, the side on/off switch AND the circular button in front simultaneously till the Apple logo appears.

KiteOn friends!

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4 thoughts on “Freedom and Vulnerability …what’s so fearsome about that ?

  1. Nomita loved the article on Freedom, I think most of our answers come to us when we look inward and not outward but getting there itself is a practice!

  2. Nomita, this one is genuine, honest outpouring of your heart! You said it like it is!
    To me, you said it all there is to be said
    in “you are totally free when you embrace vulnerability”!

    It reminded me of what I used to say: “ultimate freedom is freedom from desire to be free”! Seeking to be secured is the acknowledgement of being insecured”.
    As you say security and freedom comes from trusting Life! Trusting life comes from self realization!
    Thank you for sharing wisdom!