Refreshed and Ready to go …Lets rock once more!

In Balance and Being Present!

Hello Hello and Hellloo friends! I am so happy to be back on the computer and thinking about all of you as I write this 1st blog after the summer break! It is a really good feeling to know that the weekly blog posts were missed! Thank you to all who felt that way and have made me even more pumped to share life and its various experiences.

When you take a break from any routine, like I did from blogging, it gave me space and time to think about so many things around us. Can’t wait to share them with you!

Cousins lost in History

Balanced and in the moment!

This summer turned out to be a real variety treat for us.  2 Indian weddings, 1 American wedding, an East coast trip packed with historic sightseeing, “do as you wish time” with cousins, family visiting from Mumbai, my parents and in laws staying with us , summer camps and Olympics TV time to name a few.

Can you imagine the amount of wedding awe the kids felt, our range of general knowledge got widened in DC /Philadelphia, the bonding with cousins and discovering some of their not- so -known traits, meeting school friends after 30 years and getting caught up in an hour…secrets and all. With family over, I always try to show off my cooking skills for the 1st two days after which my microwave cooking starts to appear on the table! And for that effort they love me!

As I look back I was trying to nail down what made this summer so happy? And I can summarize it in 2 words; because there was Balance in everything and I consciously tried to be Present every moment.

This is what made me happy and this is what made others feel happy.

There is no such thing as the perfect amount of travel, or just the right number of days we had family over or that the weddings were precisely timed for our schedule. No! But we let go of some things we would have liked to do, made our friends happy by making it to their special occasions, were grateful to have family visit us from so far away and were thankful to be able to hang out with our cousins.

There were moments when we felt it was unfair or one of us got sick at the worst time and I often felt overwhelmed in the kitchen. Although not a 100% of the time, I consciously tried to keep balance in everything and took things in their stride. Wow! What a difference this attitude made to the overall picture!

So dear friends, WE KiteOn, through life’s ups and downs. Keeping balance from within and without and Being Present only makes the journey happier for us!

How to cultivate and maintain those? With regular meditation and looking inward more and more!

Do share below your summer stories with us! And I always love reading your thoughts and reactions…good, bad or ugly!

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5 thoughts on “Refreshed and Ready to go …Lets rock once more!

  1. So nice you got back flying kite happier! Balance and being present to whatever!
    I live from the conviction that Life brings to you whatever you need, I have to just recognize it! This brings presence and equanimity and then response come from you, one of kind of you had this summer!
    Thank you!

  2. Blogs were definitely missed good that you are back and back with a bang,
    Again a great blog waiting for more to come, kite on

  3. Nomita,
    You are such amazing person! I strive to balance myself everyday, but you are just natural! You should come to my class about mindfulness! Believe me, they would learn so much from you!