Reflection; looking back and moving forward

Heartfelt Gratitude after1 year of Kiteonfriend

First and foremost a BIG Thank you to each one of you. Thanks to you Kiteonfriend is soaring high and so am I. Started writing Kiteonfriend with a mission to hold hands and remind you, my friend, to soar high no matter what the weather is!

A revised mission for this year goes like this; to help you manage the mundane and necessary stuff so you have the time and energy to look beyond and find new meaning in this Life!

Do let me know if this resonates with you and sounds like a good plan for this next year of Kiteonfriend! Your feedback is truly appreciated.

Relecting; seeing as is

Relecting; Seeing As Is

Today I went back to the archives and did an inventory of the broad topics covered last year. It was fascinating and inspiring for me to see the trends and the transitions along the way.

There are 7 broad categories were;

  1. Goal setting series
  2. Parenting pearls
  3. Finance and Budgeting series
  4. Relationship topics
  5. Spiritual topics
  6. Miscellaneous – current affairs musings
  7. Self-development series which includes a lot of the above and much more

One can aptly see these are the routine day to day things we all deal with. Of course one or another of these take up most part of our day and hence working on them from within and without only helps. Sometimes however, stepping back and approaching them from a distance and sometimes just letting go and not doing anything, are all good options to go about Life.

My own A ha moment happened today as I reflected on my own journey in Life through this blog. Although that was not intentional, it is inevitable to some degree. I am seeing so much Abundance and feel so Grateful for all these ups and downs …it seems weird. Although not much has changed if you look at me but my approach to look at everything is certainly changing and that makes me content, balanced, grateful and happy. Try and see it for yourselves. It’s an eye opener!

Sometimes I wonder if these thoughts are all because of Blogging or because I’m 45 now or my husband or what? I can’t pin point that but at the end of the day the result matters!

Kiteonfriend has opened up new opportunities for me. I recently gave 2 talks introducing Mindfulness at our local High School.  Just loved it.

One thing was clear; that Stopping and Reflecting back sure is powerful!

It help me acknowledge my work and my achievements, evaluate and modify my future goals and bring me back to an intentional present. One in which I am comfortable and in balance.

It is a common practice among many to reflect on their 3 daily wins once a day, either early in the morning or at night. I can see the value in that and have started incorporating that into my day. Try it out and share your experience with us.

After all this, if you feel satisfied with yourself and can have a sound sleep I can safely say you are Kiting On (creating my own English Dictionary now)

You will see a 3 question survey sent out separately. Please take some time to reflect on those and respond. It will help you and me to look back and move forward with zeal! Thank you in advance.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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5 thoughts on “Reflection; looking back and moving forward

  1. Hello Nomita,

    What a beautiful post. I always do what you said and do a mental note of atleast 5 good things and blessings god has bestowed upon me that day and initially it was hard to come up with 5 things . I mean I tried to think if major things and but later I realized each day, each sunrise , each nomen I have or anything from then on from my life , my luxuries , my being itself is a blessing from gif and then I count stop the count. Everything is a blessing around you and you urself is the biggest blessing .