Find your Purpose and maximize life!

Different strokes for different folks!

Hello Friends,

Am writing this post after a 2 week spiritual retreat …and boy was that intense!

So I am getting back to normal and decided to pose a thought- provoking question so each one of us can step back and see the big picture of where we are heading!

What is Your life’s purpose?

Why this is important…because everything you do or don’t do will be supported by this Purpose!

My "Purpose"

My “Purpose”

Think about it!

Mine put simply is this; My purpose is to “DO SOMETHING” in this life !

So although I cannot quite verbalize it yet, everything I work on, feels like I am doing Something! And that gives me the force, energy and momentum to move forward with zeal.

Hope you have found your Purpose and would love to hear about it here!

Short, sweet but immensely powerful…Find Your Purpose and Maximize life!

Till next time, we KiteOn!

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4 thoughts on “Find your Purpose and maximize life!

  1. Interesting thought. I feel my purpose in life changes based on the life stage I am in.. Do you think your changes?

    • That is what I thought as well. Now I see a difference between my purpose and my goals.
      Purpose is doing whatever For that itself!
      Goal is doing whatever for reaching a target!
      Purpose makes the journey itself meaningful and enjoyable…