Is this it ?

Attempting to answer life's most basic question!

This is probably the hardest blog I have written so far. But it is my favorite as it touches the basic question we consciously or sub-consciously ask ourselves at varying times in life….either when we are very happy, when we have achieved something, or are down in the dumps or feeling hopeless.

The question is “is this it?” Or “is this all that life is about” or “it can’t be all…there must be more to life”


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4 friends asking, ” Is this it ?”


Just yesterday we four girlfriends got together with an agenda to “introspect and go deeper”.

It was a perfect day to be doing anything but this kind of discussion. But we were determined to nail this down.

Different views about what life is about ranged from having a mission, pursuing your passion of caring for young kids to immersing yourself into a sport or checking off completed marathons. Some others were being a good mom, wife, having friends, stopping the car to see the flowers in bloom, volunteering and travelling to exotic destinations. It was clear these things that we called “life” were constantly changing depending on our season. And what may be the best for someone may not be for the other person.

A moment came when we were all quiet, a pin drop silence, a pause and then someone announced,

“this is it!”

We were looking out at our valley and it was absolutely serene, calm and peaceful. We couldn’t ask for anything more, at least for that moment, but the mind was questioning “is this it?” What else? What’s next?

I brought up a question saying it is not always all good and so what happens when things are not all good. And unanimously the positive ladies said they would get to the root and do the next right thing. Even if it means running the marathon in the wheelchair! Her passion and spirit just bold me over.

Playing devil’s advocate, I asked if things were not as easy and not in their control. Again the clarity was impressive. Well then we leave the onus on that someone and separate ourselves from owning the problem.

At this point I realized that something within me was convinced that this is not all there is to life. I don’t know else there is, but I will have to look for it. All the outside pleasures were not going to lead to me that answer so the only thing to do was to turn inward and introspect. To find out the real me and my ultimate purpose.

Some friends gave me the nod of approval and others were convinced “this is it!” and there is nothing more to look for. When it was time to leave and pick up the kids, one thing we all agreed on…Let’s do this once more!

In this search, we Kite On!

What is your answer to the question, “is this it?” Let us know in the comments below. I promise if nothing you will feel good to have introspected on it yourself!

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5 thoughts on “Is this it ?

  1. I couldn’t have read this at a better time. I think this quiet a few times and then I realize.. life is constantly changing whether its situations or feelings ..and its what we choose to do with them that determines whether its it.
    This is definitely not it. At least not for me
    Awesome blog ♡

  2. As Nomita puts it, it is to turn inward and find out real me and the purpose!
    The question “is this it?” leads to inquiry what am I? One must keep the flame of inquiry burning while doing all one needs to as required by life situations. Ultimate answer puts one at peace out of which one acts!

  3. After reading this I asked myself “is this it?” And the answer for me was an absolute no!!! I do the things I do because it needs to be done, but definitely not it. Still searching for “it”.
    Great blog soul searching