Stress and Teens


The topic came up in a conversation with my cousin who has 3 teenage kids. How do you decide if the teenager who is happy -go- lucky is really an irresponsible kid or that he has mastered the ultimate life hack of living stress-free? Our mom here agreed he is stress-free,but it is because she […]

Reflection; looking back and moving forward

Heartfelt Gratitude after1 year of Kiteonfriend

First and foremost a BIG Thank you to each one of you. Thanks to you Kiteonfriend is soaring high and so am I. Started writing Kiteonfriend with a mission to hold hands and remind you, my friend, to soar high no matter what the weather is! A revised mission for this year goes like this; […]

Finally found my Niche

Ask your kids and see for yourself

Am republishing this post. It was the 1 st post on I believe most may not have read it. Having spent a whole day introspecting and brainstorming what my niche is, I picked up my 7 year old Anya and immediately spilled out my discovery of my Niche. I went on to describe how […]