Big Picture Clarity with Next Step Focus

Simplifying daily decision making!

Decision making, infact making multiple decisions on a regular basis is something we are all doing. Day in and day out. Either for ourselves, our family and friends, our community or this planet at large. You get the point.

They can be seemingly small like what color top should I pick to match my pants (I usually spend a good 5 mins on this one) or what kind of haircut should I get?  Or they can be “more important decisions” like whether to continue living in a small town or move to a larger city to staying in your job or starting a business or private schooling versus public.

Making the decision to stick with your decision or to Pivot is one of the hardest one to make.

The Ripple effects of Focus; Courtesy Anya

The Ripple effects of Focus in decision making; Courtesy Anya

Recently I could see more and more how my own decision making has evolved. I took some time to reflect on my own life and the planning or the randomness that went into my own decision making right from leaving my parents’ home for further studies till date.

Here is a summary of what I have learnt along the way.

One common underlying theme I noticed is that there are so many aspects why certain decisions are made. They range from practical, emotional from the heart, values/ principle based, starting out to information overload decisions, impulsive or well thought out ones, based on trust/ gut instinct to weather my decision will even matter or not.

Another point that stands out is that making decisions uses your brain power and is tiring. Giving our mind that rest to recuperate makes a big difference and preserving energy for important decisions only makes sense.

Taking a step back and looking at the same thing widens the perspective and has helped me make decisions with a certain amount of detachment and ends up for a much greater good than otherwise.

My relatively recent love for Goal Setting …Life goals, Work goals, Personal goals and Spiritual goals with their Purpose is a Key First step. This helps keep the Big Picture Clarity so I can Focus on the Right Next Step.  It makes prioritizing and decision making easier and easier.

Now we can avail of all the tools available to help with our decision making.

Mark Zuckerberg famously wears the same clothes every morning just so he can save that much brain power to be used for more far reaching decisions he has to make. I love that.

Streamlining daily processes like  meal planning, automating recurring tasks by putting them on the calendar, seeking experienced advice and keeping a learning and growth mindset go a long way in helping you make decisions.

The fact that such topics interest you is the very first sign you are well on your way to becoming Savvy and getting a good nights sleep! Would love to know what Aha moments this post has generated for you?

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5 thoughts on “Big Picture Clarity with Next Step Focus

  1. Nomita, well thought out and well written big picture clarity ingradients.
    What you have learnt in decision making process is useful to your readers in similar situations!
    My take is to see clearly the picture in front of you to make decision or to prioritize. This demands putting interests of all parties involved impartially, in the decision making process! Seeing clearly the issue puts you long ways to resolve it!
    Another point I would make is to integrate all goals: personal, family, social, financial, spiritual, with Life goal! Life cannot be divided into fragments but it’s goals can be integrated!
    Life is impersonal and peace, happiness, Love, compassion, beauty, intelligence are Its guiding principles!
    It will teach you with opening your mind to developing one integrated goal!
    This is what has happened here, so it can happen there!
    Big picture clarity itself makes decisions for you as you have said in different words in your section on learning!
    Thank you for opportunity to share!

    • Pratapbhai
      You just took the topic to a whole new elevated level!
      Integrating all life goals into ONE and allow that clarity to make the decisions !
      Superb .very profound!

  2. Dear Nomita
    It is so good to hear from you again after a couple of months of silence. I am not contributing much to your blog for the very reason we keep sweating about: time and pressures. But I LOVE reading it! I was planning to answer to last week challenge, but, guess what! Another week rolled by and here I am again…behind. Luckily these discussions don’t get old so quickly. The decisions we make are so much influenced by culture, education, values and the spur of the moment. I really love this one because it adds the salt and pepper of life. Then we have to deal with consequences of our decisions. That can bring tragedy or laughter, and when you are done writing your story, it is life. I always plan for organization and clarity. I have this german mind and latino soul, endless duality that seems to be the struggle in my life.It consumes me but I learned after all these years that it defines me. I must say that I still strive for clarity, I can see it even through the bluriness of most of the days chaos. Some days though, you get this high definition vision, that keeps your hopes high and fills up your fuel tank.
    So you kite on…

    • Wow Sylvia
      I love the way you described life! And your acceptance of your blurriness and the HD vision you turn on!!!
      Made me smile!
      Thanks for cheering and Kite on my friend!

  3. From Karen
    Great post! I has become a huge and faithful fan of making a list daily. I found that as I was trying to carry things mentally it was taxing my brain to where my fuse and patience was shorter with those that I love. Now I write things down and it clears my mind up to be calm, much like a safety net for circus workers. I also give myself the freedom and the grace to know that if an item is not on my list it is not getting done that day. That whole mind shift has just freed me of undue stress.