The Best Gift I Ever Received

A Tangible Opportunity to Grow!

The internet and the online world is SIMPLY AMAZING! We all have experienced the power of receiving information which we were looking for, instantly. And then we find ourselves reading stuff we were not really looking for. And we have the power to turn around and Be The Person Writing That Stuff and sharing that knowledge with the world.

It’s a good guess that at some point in our lives, we get an itch to get out from the monotony and try out something new. To learn! To test an idea! To explore! To experiment with a concept! Often it occurs way after our formal education is over and we have a few years of “Life” experience under our belt! And when you happen to have a breather and a bit more time and space to do something new.

A New Adventure!

A New Adventure with The Best Gift!

This is what I just went through in the last 3 years after selling my own practice and for once looking up to see what else is out there!

Still not quite out of all responsibilities (wonder if that EVER happens!) I got that inkling to learn more about the world of Information Marketing.

With some time at hand and lots of enthusiasm, I realized having Stress – free Funds can considerably accelerate my progress and growth. By that I mean money to use for whatever it takes to learn, try and start your new venture. Preferable this No Stress Money is not tied to family plans of savings, children’s education or illiquid like in real estate. The kind needed when you may not get a loan for your idea and especially for women who don’t have the time and expertise to raise the funds.

This is the best gift my parents have given me and I am so grateful for that foresight!!!

Having this completely spare reserve (the amount just does not matter as there is no end to how much) gave me the Confidence to give my ideas a good shot! Without any hassle!

There is no one formula for saving for your kids. Be it for their further education, their marriage, 1st car or home or this Stress free “Self-growth” money!

The amount of tangible value it has brought to my new venture is immense. But even more, is the amount of intangible value in the form of Confidence, Learning, Finding excellent mentors and feeling of “I can do it”, is immeasurable!

Having it early in life, not keeping it all for inheritance, it could act as my back up support for emergencies or self-growth and has made me feel very lucky. We plan to make our kids feel the same way too! Doesn’t matter where in the world you are or where you will end up, having this helping hand can change lives! It sure did mine!

Do share your thoughts on what kind of planning has helped you in your life’s journey or what have you put in place that makes or will make a difference for your loved ones?

And with those thoughts we KiteOn!

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