Hello, I’m Nomita, a dentist writing a blog about the roller coaster of  “Life”.  The name ‘Kiteon friend’ is a reminder to continue soaring up inspite the twists and turns of life!

Kiteon Friend came about from my enthusiasm to share my own ups and downs and a- ha moments with friends like you. The blog is made up of  feelings of joy and sadness, relationships, what happens at work, home, with kids, while cooking . . .

Each story has a happy ending . . . thanks to the shift that occurs in our mind, when we realize who we really are!  When we see the big picture, we put things in perspective and then we Kiteon!

Here the intention is to create similar a – ha moments for you, so that you too will be steadily flying high, no matter what the weather is like!  And you know what? Once you start soaring, the sky is the limit . . . pun intended!

Growing up in India and living in the US for almost 2 decades now, I will often share aloud cultural shockers; sometimes eye opening and other times just plain hilarious.

And one more fun thing, on random Tuesday’s I pick a topic and share 3 peoples’ ideas on it; my 2 kids and mine. These are hilariously honest and hope it sparks light conversations with yours.

When we connect on Kiteon friend, I feel like I’m meeting like minded friends and I hope you feel the same way . . . just being myself here and getting recharged.

With that introduction I look forward to meeting you every Tuesday via email. So remember if its Tuesday, its time to Kiteon my friend; up, up, and up we go!

Feeling on top of Mount Everest today,

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  1. Hi – Nomita? This is Shraddha. Came across you on LinkedIn. Love the name of this blog and a wonderful concept. Good luck! Do let me know if you are ever in DC. 🙂 Shraddha