One Trick to Instantly Cheer you up. . . it’s a Win Win Win

The do-good, feel-good ripple effect

All of us have been a part of a win-win situation at some time or another. Donating stuff to a charity and clearing our basement, cereal box-tops for our kids’ school funding, a can of food for free concert tickets and so on. The IRS creates a win win by making our large donations tax […]

Modern times Arranged Marriage

Share with your kids; they will thank you

Modern times Arranged Marriage is the kind where both parties are educated, financially sound and have agreed to actively involve their parents/families in their search for a life partner. Again let’s be clear; both have the freedom to choose their own spouses if they so desire. This is different from a lot of other so […]

Are you feeling Rich?

The Blueprint for a Successful Planning Process

Today’s topic is one very dear to me. I know! Who does not think about it? How “rich” do I feel? So what does “being rich” mean ? Think about it! After dental school, my goal was to become rich in life. And if you asked me then “rich” meant having all the luxuries of […]

Is your To-do list longer than mine?

Marching towards our goals; one day at a time

Before you hear me today, I’d like you to think about your To-do list and tell me (in the comments section) whether; You have set certain goals/plans for the year and are on track You are falling behind on your to-do list and hence on your goals You are drifting through life with no specific […]