“I like her more than I don’t like her”

To listen to your mind or go with what your heart says?

Am going to share the story behind this quote towards the end of this post. Not only because of the suspense but also to prompt you to think of instances where listening to the mind or going with your heart was the question. When facing a choice to go to a particular restaurant or to […]

The kite festival of India-Uttarayan

And the name Kiteonfriend!

Today is Uttarayan (pronounced ut-tar-ra-yan), the Kite festival in India. It is the time when the wind direction and strength changes and becomes most powerful. Hence your kite will fly almost instantly you let it go. From my childhood days we would enthusiastically get on the terrace (roof-tops) of our buildings carrying a huge bundle […]

The Big VISION !

Belated Happy New Year to all

Having just returned from a 3 week India trip, I’m sitting in the US but thinking and functioning India time. So if my 2 accents mix up …just enjoy that! It was quite a task trying to come up with that perfect topic for the 1st post of 2016. Wanted it to look like a […]