Should you come back to your regular budget review after a break?

Personal Finance and Budgeting Series; post #3

You bet! It took me a moment to remind myself of the WHY and I got motivated to get back on track. After all the initial hard work we had done, it only made sense to catch up soon. A budget is key!! Whether you want to retire or continue practicing, being financially independent will […]

SMART New Year Resolutions and Goal Setting

Get ready 2016; here come The Kiteon Friends!

If you want to live life with a sense of purpose, be able to make decisions with ease, feel like your life is in balance, enjoy a sense of achievement throughout the year and feel empowered and positive wherever you are; the Goal Setting exercise below is a no brainer. It has given me all these […]

Is Happiness only a Temporary state ?

Mindfulness is not a choice, it is a necessity- quote in the TIME magazine.

Not surprisingly I have had more than a couple people ask me when I was going to share my thoughts on Meditation. My hesitancy has been because I had not found my voice for this subject. Today am sharing my thoughts as a friend . Was at a party and saw a group of 9 […]