Living with Terrorism; the new normal in Life

We can make a difference,we can make a change, its our world.

A interesting topic came up recently; What is National pride ? And do we play any role in it? The dictionary definition says ; National pride means being proud of your own country or proud of yourself for being from your country. At first glance there seems to be no connection between the two…National pride is […]


A Big Thank You to All Who Are Reading This !

Spent some time yesterday trying to think of a good way to say Thank you to my blog readers. You all truly make me excited, attentive, creative and confident, as I see the subscriber list growing, slowly but surely! THANK YOU!   A special thank you to Joseph, a family friend’s son who helped me […]

“clarity of mind” ; Helping the mind organize, analyse and delete data.

Hint; Download the Meditation and Running Apps.

For as long as I remember making decisions has come quite easy to me. But with that also came the remorse of not making the best decision after all.  And I would wish I had had the clarity in the first place. Well I recently had lunch with a friend and she was convincing me […]

Living in the Present!

A perfect example from an unexpected teacher.

This is a true story. Happened in Ahmedabad, India. I heard it through the social media grape wine. Pretty sure there will be some amount of “Chinese whisper” to it. A couple living in the US were visiting their hometown, Ahmedabad, a large sized city in India. You can imagine every time we Indians visit India […]