5 Tricks to stay Cavity Free this Holiday season

Straight from the Dentist

Trick or Treat? Tricks please! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, it’s easy to have a chocolate here and a cookie there. Soon the frequency of the sugary stuff can get to the teeth and can exponentially increase the chances of new cavities forming. Happens to kids as well as adults. Brushing 2 […]

Everytime a ball comes, you don’t have to swing the bat – Mr Warren Buffett

Personal Budgeting and Financial Planning Series Post #2

We made a Financial commitment to ourselves by; 1. writing down our budget and 2. reviewing it weekly! There I said it! It is that simple…you don’t even need to read the rest of this post!     I like the statement by Warren Buffet above; All kinds of temptations (to spend) will come but […]

The One secret to staying on Budget long term; Its so simple

Personal Budgeting and Financial planning series post #1

Mr Perfect and myself have been in the workforce for 18 years now .  And on and off we have attempted having a spending budget …on when we feel monetary tightness and off when we don’t. We have tried categorizing the expenses only to find that as time goes we lose track of it. Prepaying […]

The Lemonade Tip

generosity rules . . .

Just yesterday we were at the Seattle Needle, sitting with our packed lunch in the park below. It was a picture perfect hot sunny afternoon. About to eat our Greek pita sandwiches we noticed there were some lemonade stands. And then we saw there were groups of kids running 5 lemonade stands. Very hungry after the […]

Empty mind was a Devils workshop . . . in a totally positive way

Sharing my story and how I got to writing this blog.

Being an overzealous professional, go-getter mom and an over committed person, all with good intentions of-course, my life changed course. It was a 180 degrees, where I had the time, space and energy to do whatever I wanted. Funnily for sometime I did not know what to do with them! Hence I say an empty […]