The Best Gift I Ever Received

A Tangible Opportunity to Grow!

The internet and the online world is SIMPLY AMAZING! We all have experienced the power of receiving information which we were looking for, instantly. And then we find ourselves reading stuff we were not really looking for. And we have the power to turn around and Be The Person Writing That Stuff and sharing that […]

Stress and Teens


The topic came up in a conversation with my cousin who has 3 teenage kids. How do you decide if the teenager who is happy -go- lucky is really an irresponsible kid or that he has mastered the ultimate life hack of living stress-free? Our mom here agreed he is stress-free,but it is because she […]

5 Tips to Say Goodbye

Permission from an 8 Year old

“Mom do you have to go?” was my little ones’ tag line at bedtime, for a whole week before my weeklong trip for a conference. Even after sitting down and patiently telling her where and why mom is going and why she cannot come, I could see it was still very hard for her to […]

Reflection; looking back and moving forward

Heartfelt Gratitude after1 year of Kiteonfriend

First and foremost a BIG Thank you to each one of you. Thanks to you Kiteonfriend is soaring high and so am I. Started writing Kiteonfriend with a mission to hold hands and remind you, my friend, to soar high no matter what the weather is! A revised mission for this year goes like this; […]

The Gift of Time Series; being mindful

How to spend quality time and bond with your kids even when you are tired and don’t have the time!

Hint; Money cannot buy Quality time and it’s NOT Social media! Having 2 kids, a 12 year old son and 8 year old daughter equals a constant nagging feeling of inadequacy; either with your time with them, or the bonding you create with them, or being strict enough. To make matters worse my daughter sometimes […]

Big Picture Clarity with Next Step Focus

Simplifying daily decision making!

Decision making, infact making multiple decisions on a regular basis is something we are all doing. Day in and day out. Either for ourselves, our family and friends, our community or this planet at large. You get the point. They can be seemingly small like what color top should I pick to match my pants […]

Is this it ?

Attempting to answer life's most basic question!

This is probably the hardest blog I have written so far. But it is my favorite as it touches the basic question we consciously or sub-consciously ask ourselves at varying times in life….either when we are very happy, when we have achieved something, or are down in the dumps or feeling hopeless. The question is […]


Education that inspires!

Coming from India I am used to the term “sportsman spirit” and here you hear your kids say “sportsmanship”. Both are the same I think.  The dictionary definition is profound and powerful! “Sportsmanship” refers to virtues such as fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence, and has been associated with interpersonal concepts of treating others and being […]

Find your Purpose and maximize life!

Different strokes for different folks!

Hello Friends, Am writing this post after a 2 week spiritual retreat …and boy was that intense! So I am getting back to normal and decided to pose a thought- provoking question so each one of us can step back and see the big picture of where we are heading! What is Your life’s purpose? […]